DQMS - The Data Quality Management System™


DataView example: graph

DataView example: grid view + graph + FlagBars

DataView example: bar graph

DataView example: wind rose graph

DataView example: FlagMap graph

Rugged time-indexed database file structure

Data files up to 4 gigabytes each

Automatic or manual operation

  • Create your own custom sequences of program operations of any length or complexity from over 50 diffenert types of processing operations..

Highly configurable, and flexible graphics with unique visual data quality displays

  • Comprehensive and detailed control over graphical presentations.
  • Use default time-sequence plots or create ad hoc X-Y plots of any chosen variables.
  • Data viewing charts contain one or two panels.
    • Upper Panel contains a table of the data being examined.
    • Lower Panel contains a graphic display with or without color-coded data quality flag display bars.
  • Graphical FlagMap option provides visual data quality assessment.
    • These special charts are a color-coded display of data quality test results for parameters over any selected time period.
    • Color coding a function of a 0 to 99 test flag associated with each data value.
    • This image displays test flags for 31 days of one minute data with time of day on the horizontal and day of month vertical.

Comprehensive data testing and quality tracking

  • Configure tests of selected parameters and records for each station.
  • Choose from 30 different test types.
  • Detailed summaries of failed tests providing parameter names, time ranges, and direct graphic link to allow further error diagnosis
  • Test summary details can be used to define and control selected and reversible modifications to out of range data using any of 27 different modification types.

Virtually unlimited number of station & data record definitions

  • Each station can have multiple different time-sequence data sources, and their associated data records and tests. Ex: 1-minute data and 1-day data.
  • Define station name and location information.
  • Automatic configuration of record definitions for Campbell Scientific data logger data (.dat) files.

Construct simple or intricate custom processing sequences with any of over 50 processing functions

  • Flexible import, merge, repair, summary, and exporting functions, each with multiple controllable parameters.
  • Control data processing with DQMS Drivers.
  • DQMS Drivers are lists of operations, completed in sequence when the Driver is 'Run'
  • Straightforward, efficient interface allows painless construction of complex processing sequences.
  • Devise and evaluate custom derivations of measured parameters.

Special tests, summaries and functions for solar radiation data

  • Estimate "clear sky" values for GHI, DNI, DHI, (uses NREL's Bird/Hulstrom Model)
  • Compute Sun position angles (uses NREL's SOLPOS routine).
  • Tilted surface calculations.
  • 1- or 2-axis tracking surface calculations.
  • Adjustable shadowband corrections.
  • Calculate missing component from two existing: GHI, DNI, DHI.
  • NREL's SERI QC solar quality assessment protocol is integrated.
  • Special conditional Min/Max/Ratio tests also developed for NREL.